Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

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#10 – Herbert Cain – 140 Goals – 313 Games Played – 0.45 Goals Per Game

Although Cain played at a time when seasons were much shorter than they are in the current NHL, he produced statistics that would compete for the league lead now, even without prorating his numbers in some cases. Herbert Cain was the NHL scoring leader in the 1943-44 season when he scored 36 goals and 46 assists for 82 points in 48 games. Scoring 140 goals in only 313 games makes Cain as impressive a goal scorer as it gets, earning him a top 10 spot on this list.

Pro-rating his 313 games played as a member of the Boston Bruins into 82 game seasons would give Cain an average of roughly 37 goals per season as a member of the Boston Bruins.

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