Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

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#9 – Barry Pederson – 166 Goals – 379 Games Played – 0.44 Goals Per Game

Barry Pederson might be known best as the main piece that was traded to the Vancouver Canucks that saw Cam Neely become a member of the Bruins; the team he is now the President of. Pederson was so much more than simply the player that was traded for Neely, however, as he was a natural goal scorer and playmaker who saw a ton of success as a member of the Boston Bruins. Pederson had two seasons with 100 points and was a very good goal scorer for years. As a member of the Boston Bruins, Pederson had four seasons with at least 20 goals, three with at least 30, and two with at least 40.

Barry Pederson was one of the best scorers of his time prior to being traded to the Vancouver Canucks, and regardless of how well the trade turned out for Boston in the end, nothing can be taken away from him. With his incredibly goal scoring ability, it’s no wonder why he’s ranked in the top 10 on this list of the greatest scorers to ever play for the Boston Bruins.

Pro-rating his 379 games played as a member of the Boston Bruins into 82 game seasons would give Pederson an average of roughly 36 goals per season as a member of the Boston Bruins.

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