There will be a lot of anxious eyes on tonight’s match-up with the Penguins.  While it counts the same in the standings, it could go a long way in dictating the season for the Bruins.  The B’s have been criticized for their lack of toughness since March 7 when Matt Cooke delivered a cheap elbow to the head of Marc Savard, most likely ending his season.  Now, the two teams meet again in Boston, where the crowd will expect nothing short of mayhem.  Perhaps it’s a sign that I posted the Bruins #1 hockey fight today.  Or perhaps all the hype will go for nothing.

My guess is the latter.  While I would love to see the Bruins respond, not only in defense of their teammate but to show some much needed grit, I just don’t foresee it.  It is like when a batter gets repeatedly hit and you expect your team’s pitchers to respond with a 95 mph fastball to the head of someone, only to witness them try to paint the outside corner.  In my opinion, the Bruins need to deliver some chin music tonight, but I will not be surprised if they don’t.  While I understand they were trying to win the game when Savard went down, matters should have been taken care of at the time of the incident and they weren’t.  Therefore, I have no reason to believe that tonight will be any different.

According to Joe McDonald of, Claude Julien had this to say earlier today:

"“We need the two points,” Julien said at TD Garden. “Things need to be done within the rules. Unfortunately, the rules aren’t the same as in 1970 and in those days it was a lot different. There were bench-clearing brawls, which you don’t see anymore. There was a lot of other things going on and that’s what everybody has to understand.  You guys, turn the page here, I’ve had enough of this.”"

Sure, you don’t see bench-clearing brawls anymore.  But why not?  Couldn’t that be a spark that this team needs going forward?  I think so, but then again I’m not lacing them up.