Where do the Bruins, should the Bruins stand on each goaltender conundrum?

Boston has a problem that they need to figure out with its goaltenders, and it should probably be figured out pretty sooner rather than later.
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Brandon Bussi

Brandon Bussi
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Bussi is kind of the odd one out of this group. He does not have any NHL experience, despite being called up a few times, but each time he has played in the preseason he has had a strong showing.

Bussi has made saves when he needed to, and utilized his 6'5" frame to his advantage, especially when he has to sprawl from one side of the net to the other.

Many people in the media, and organization too, think that he is ready to called up to the NHL and it's just a matter of him making a lasting impact. The only problem that presents itself is this.

Say, for argument's sake, Ullmark is gone and it's Bussi and Swayman battling for a starter's spot. That's two guys that are the same age going for the same position. The only difference between the two is one is older, but less experienced, and the other is older and is much more experienced.

Bussi is reportedly having contract talks with the team, and while it's intriguing to hear to hear that, it's not intriguing enough that fans are going to be clamoring to hear more just yet.

What should they do:
Really what Boston needs to do first with Bussi, is make a decision on Ullmark. If Ullmark is to stay, the Bruins need to sign Bussi to a two-way deal, giving him a chance to show Sweeney what he can do in the NHL.

If Ullmark goes, then he needs to get signed to at the very least a short term deal so they're not tied down to him as a backup, or God forbid a starter if Swayman walks.