Reacting to the trip the Bruins taking a "boys trip" following the end of the season

Following their loss to the Panthers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Bruins are taking a little trip.
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Four
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Four / Rich Gagnon/GettyImages

After they were unable to complete a comeback against the Florida Panthers, the Boston Bruins have decided to take it upon themselves to enjoy the offseason to say the least taking a little boys trip, at least according to defenseman Parker Wotherspoon's Instagram story which showed him rolling a golf ball down the aisle of a plane and into a cup.

According to reports, the players are taking a boys trip following the season, and many people are up in arms that they are celebrating despite losing in the playoffs. What most are upset is that they're celebrating following a lost series, I guess?

In this reporter's opinion, there's really nothing to be upset about. They're going on a trip in the offseason, and they're bonding.

Is the trip actually a positive thing?

When any team forms for the first time, the biggest thing is teamwork and being able to know each other's intricacies and what makes each person tick. Plus what type of person they are outside of a sports setting, and that could definitely be what this team is doing.

Not to mention being the type of thing that they need after a season where they over-achieved if anything. Following the departures of Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, many experts and fans did not expect Boston to make it very far in the playoffs, and some even expected the Bruins to miss the playoffs.

Instead, not only did they make the playoffs this year, but they also made it further in the playoffs than they did than any team in the last three years of Krejci and Bergeron's careers made it.

Now, that's not to say that the two veteran forwards were a detriment to the team, but it definitely shows how together this team was and how well they worked together to defy the odds, and not play individual hockey.

Perhaps the boys trip they are on right now is a bonding trip for next, perhaps it's a goodbye for the players leaving in free agency for other teams, or, in some cases, possibly retirement. Either way: don't read into it, it's just hockey players having fun, and after the season they had, they deserve a little bit of fun.