Ranking the Boston Bruins forwards from worst to first for the 2024-25 season

The Boston Bruins should have one of the NHL’s top-10 forward groups in 2024-25, but who is the top player in the unit?
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Four
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6 - Trent Frederic

The Bruins may not be the youngest team in the league, but it doesn’t mean they don’t boast a young core, and Trent Frederic is one of those players. Like Geekie, he’s physical, but one of the hardest-hitting forwards the Bruins have, and after he finished the year with 40 points and 18 goals in 82 contests, he’s another one to watch in 2024-25. 

5 - Elias Lindholm

Elias Lindholm is a newcomer who may have clocked in with a higher ranking if he was more consistent during the latter portion of the season. But he found his groove in the playoffs, and if he parlays that type of play into the 2024-25 season, Bruins fans will be more than glad he joined the team. 

4 - Charlie Coyle

Charlie Coyle picked up his play for the Bruins last season and burst onto the scene with 60 points and 25 goals. Coyle remained a hard-hitting, defensive-oriented forward as well, and he was also one of the Bruins better players in the faceoff circle. While you can claim he had just one 60-point season in his career, it’s the all-around play Coyle possesses that enticed me to place him at No. 4 in these rankings. 

3 - Brad Marchand

Even entering his age-36 season, Brad Marchand remains one of the best on the team, having put up 67 points and 29 goals in 2023-24. Marchand isn’t as productive as he once was, but it should surprise few fans if he puts up at least one more 65-plus-point campaign before he’s finished playing, whenever that time may be. 

2 - Pavel Zacha

Pavel Zacha enjoyed a 59-point season, and his stock continues to trend north, meaning a 65-70-point campaign is not out of the question. He fits the Bruins identity as a physical team, and much like Charlie Coyle, he will win more faceoffs than he loses. 

1 - David Pastrnak

David Pastrnak isn’t just the best forward on the Boston Bruins; he’s one of the best in the NHL, and there’s no reason he won’t be a prime Hart Trophy candidate. He’s put up 110-plus points in each of the last two seasons, and expect anywhere between 45 and 60 goals from him throughout the 2024-25 season. 


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