Ranking the Boston Bruins forwards from worst to first for the 2024-25 season

The Boston Bruins should have one of the NHL’s top-10 forward groups in 2024-25, but who is the top player in the unit?
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Four
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Four / Rich Gagnon/GettyImages
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11 - Justin Brazeau

Justin Brazeau saw just 19 games of NHL action last season, and it’s all he’s logged so far in his career. Like Oskar Steen and the others previously discussed, Brazeau will probably see nothing more than fourth-line minutes, meaning he’s also in for quality ice time and landing body checks. That said, he put up seven points and two goals last season, so he’s got the potential to be a depth scorer. 

10 - Max Jones

Another one who will likely battle for time on the lower lines, Max Jones is a younger player who will also give the Bruins a hard-hitting and rather imposing depth piece. Unlike some of the names mentioned earlier, Jones should give the Bruins between 12 and 13 minutes per game if he proves himself in the preseason. 

9 - John Beecher

Yet another potential fourth-liner, John Beecher could evolve into a full-time role on the fourth line in 2024-25 following a season in which he won 54.6 percent of his faceoffs and scored a respectable seven goals in 52 contests. Beecher is only heading into his age-23 season, so he’ll only get better from here on out. 

8 - Matthew Poitras

There’s a good chance Matthew Poitras sticks around with the big club this season following a promising rookie season that unfortunately ended early thanks to an injury. If healthy, nobody will skyrocket up these rankings faster than Poitras, who scored five goals and logged a respectable 15 points in 33 games. 

7 - Morgan Geekie 

Morgan Geekie is one of the younger players I’m looking forward to watching in 2024-25 after he put up a 17-goal, 39-point season in 2023-24 across 76 regular season games. Geekie is yet another hard-hitter in this lineup, but one who will easily find a place in the middle-six. It shouldn’t be a shocker if he finishes the season as the Bruins breakout forward.