How the Bruins will, won't win Game 5 vs. the Panthers on Tuesday night

Going into Game 5, Boston is staring down a 3-1 deficit to Florida. Here's how they can and can't win on Tuesday night.
Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers - Game Two
Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers - Game Two / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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Pat Maroon, Matthew Tkachuk
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How the Bruins live to see another day and make it to Game 6

If the Bruins want to live to see another day, and play Game 6 in Boston, they're going to need to play a much different brand of hockey than they have in the last few games. Not only, have they been outscored 15-5 since defeating the Panthers 5-1 in Game 1, but they have been outshot by the Panthers 107-58 in that stretch and that is where it starts.

In order for Boston to win, it has to be more aggressive with its shots. I mean, come on! That's an average of just under 17 shots on goal per game and that just does not bode well for your offense. Some teams (Florida included), can average that much in one period, to a period-and-a-half alone.

If the Bruins really have a desire to win, it would do them some good to put some shots on Panthers goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky who has not seen much action this series, and when he has seen action, has looked shaky at best.

Another way for them to win and not, as Paul McCartney eloquently put it "live and let die", they need to stay disciplined and not let their emotions get the best of them.

Yes, some players will be wearing their emotions on their sleeve after Sam Bennett's both sucker-punching of Brad Marchand and non-cross checking/goaltender interference call when he barrelled Charlie Coyle into his own netminder and "magically" found a blue paint-crossing pass.

Bennett and fellow forward Matthew Tkachuk will likely public enemies no. 1 and 2, respectively, in Game 5, but it's important for the teams to shoulder and hip-check hunting, not head hunting if they are to survive Tuesday night's game.