2024 NHL Trade Deadline: 2 moves that make sense for the Bruins, 2 that don't make sense

Two days away from the trade deadline, here are two moves that make sense for Boston to make, and here are two moves that don't make sense

Boston Bruins v Seattle Kraken
Boston Bruins v Seattle Kraken / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Well, the time has almost come. The Boston Bruins sit two days away from the trade deadline and are just three points out of first place in the National Hockey League.

There has been talk about the Bruins players such as Anthony Duclair from the San Jose Sharks, or making a big splash in signing goaltender Jeremy Swayman to a fairly large extension.

With the deadline coming up quickly for the Bruins, here are two moves that would make sense for them to make, and two moves that would not make sense for them to make.

Move that makes sense #1 - Acquiring more defensive depth

Right now, if you watch Boston play, it's been very nerve-racking to say the least. As Causeway Crowd's Randolph Charlotin wrote earlier this year, it's as if, no lead is safe. Even Tuesday, with a 1-0 lead against the Edmonton Oilers and the visitors' net empty, the Bruins were unable to put the puck in a gaping net, leading to a game-tying goal from the Oilers, and eventual game-winner in overtime.

To make matters even worse, it's not that goaltender Linus Ullmark finished with 24 saves, something he usually does quite easily in a win.

With that said, it's easy to see the problem. With defenseman Hampus Lindholm hurt, the team has had to rely on Parker Wotherspoon, Matt Grcelcyk, and Derek Forbort to hold down the fort until he comes back and it has not gone very well. Therefore, the first item on Boston's agenda Friday needs to be acquiring more defense.

Move that makes sense #2 - Trading Brandon Bussi for draft picks

Now, this one is going out on a limb since the only time Brandon Bussi has touched NHL ice is through warmups or preseason play, but trading Bussi makes almost too much sense not to do it and for one simple reason: he's the same age as Swayman, in fact he's a few months older.

With Swayman's extension imminent, and both netminders' careers in very different places, Bussi almost becomes irrelevant to the team. He can't play the veteran card, but he also can't play the promising rookie card either since he hasn't played a minute in the NHL.

One thing the Bruins are missing (other than depth at defense), is draft capital. While you might be able to get something for Bussi, it may not be much; but given what he has shown in the AHL as a metaphorical third-string goaltender to Swayman and Ullmark, there is a chance you could get something for him before he tries to go somewhere else and you lose him for nothing.