Boston Bruins Development Camp: Day 5 recap, thoughts, and reactions

Boston Bruins Development Camp (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Boston Bruins Development Camp (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Warrior Ice Arena was packed to the brim for Day 5 of Bruins Development Camp. The Warrior staff opened up the seating on the far side of the arena as fans from far and wide gathered to get a glimpse of these future Bruins. The prospects split up into two teams and took part in some 3-on-3 in zone battles as well as the fan-favorite scrimmage. I was there early to get a good enough seat to the action and here’s what I saw:


  • Frederic Brunet: I’ve tried not to repeat my standouts so fans can get some inside information on all the prospects but Frederic Brunet had a very strong day. Brunet’s offensive game, creativity and offensive IQ were on full display in the scrimmage as he constantly joined the rush and created high-danger chances. He moves the puck quickly and crisply, hitting teammates on the tape and threading passes through defenders.
  • Matthew Poitras: Poitras is one of those guys that’s just super fun to watch. You can tell Poitras sees the game a few steps ahead due to his precision passing and ability to create chances. Several times during the scrimmage he was able to change the pace of the rush in order to catch defenders out of position and then make tape-to-tape passes in order to create chances. Poitras also forced the turnover that led to the only goal in the scrimmage. It was good to see him show off his two-way game.
  • Fabian Lysell: Watching Lysell at full speed during the scrimmage and 3-on-3s was eye-opening for me. Whenever Lysell is on the ice he’s able to dictate the pace of play and galvanize the offense through him. Whether with or without the puck, teammates adjust to his speed and allow him to run the show.


  • A nice treat was seeing Brad Marchand and Pavel Zacha out before the skate doing some drills together
  • Cole Spicer and Mason Langenbrunner had big goals today. Spicer scored the only goal in the full-ice scrimmage and Langenbrunner scored the winning goal in the 3-on-3s
  • Brett Harrison showed some nice touch passing the puck today. Everyone raves about his shot but he feathered some nice saucer passes to create chances and had the primary assist on Spicer’s goal.
  • Oskar Jellvik popped again. His speed and quickness are elite and he was able to drive offense throughout the scrimmage and 3-on-3s. He also scored a FILTHY shootout goal
  • BU’s Ty Gallagher is a really solid defender and had a nice goal in the 4-on-4s.
  • Chris Pelosi is always in the right place at the right time. He has a nose for the net and the puck seems to find him for scoring chances.
  • Mason Lohrei is legit. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
  • Kristian Kostadinski had a great showing in the scrimmage. His speed and skating weren’t a problem and he was able to keep up and utilize his size while defending. He could be a diamond in the rough.
  • Quinn Olson is a great forechecker. Relentless on defenders and always hunting pucks. Great effort and energy guy.
  • Strong day again for Duran, I really enjoy his game.