What Can A.J. Greer Bring To The Bruins Lineup?

The Boston Bruins made a few very minor signings when free agency opened up on July 13th and looking back at those signings now, one of them does stand out in a significant way.

The Boston Bruins signed A.J. Greer to a one-way deal for this upcoming season.

Of the few signings the Bruins had made, they signed forward A.J. Greer to a one-way deal for this upcoming season. Now, I understand that this isn’t anything to be too excited about but the one thing that needs to be noted on this is that it is a one-way deal.

Since it is a one-way deal, I think that this signing means that the Bruins are hoping to utilize Greer in the lineup this coming season instead of someone that is going to head to the Providence Bruins and wait to be called up.

Who is A.J. Greer and what can he bring to the Bruins lineup?

A.J. Greer is a 25-year-old forward that was drafted by Colorado in 2015. His scouting report goes on to say.

Has great size and strength. Displays both a quality level of skating and a nasty disposition at lower levels. Can rile up opponents too, making him a focal point for teams that line up against him (which helps his own teammates). Is not a natural scorer and is reduced to a bottom-six winger role in the National Hockey League.” – Sports Forecaster

Based on that bit of information, I think it’s safe to say he’s a Boston Bruins-type player. Having size and strength like Greer whose 6’3″ and 210 pounds adds to the concept of being a Big Bad Bruin.

Of course, the trade-off here is that he’s not going to score a lot of goals and the Bruins would have already known that when signing him but he does fill an important 4th line role which is where I think he’ll end up by the season opener Wednesday, October 12th against the Washington Capitals.