Charlie McAvoy Should Be The Bruins Next Captain

It doesn’t take much of a look at the Boston Bruins roster to see that they are missing a very important role on the roster, The Captain.

Without any certainty whatsoever that Patrice Bergeron who has held the Captaincy since the start of the 2021 season will return, perhaps the Bruins should look in a different direction for leadership.

Charlie McAvoy should be the next Captain of the Boston Bruins.

It’s not too often nowadays in the NHL for teams to give younger skilled guys the captaincy and why wouldn’t they? I mean, of course, said player needs to be demonstrating leadership night in and night out and just as well off the ice just as on it.

Naming Charlie McAvoy Captain would go a long way to guiding the way for Boston to gain a new identity and having it be one of the best young players on the team could make it worth it.

For McAvoy, he’s everything a Captain should be material-wise and is one of the best current-day role models of what some would say is a ‘Big Bad Bruin’.

Besides his leadership and on-ice skills, McAvoy also provides something else to Bruins, a long-term contract that sees the defenseman in Boston until the end of the 2029-2030 season.

Of course, this would all seem contingent on waiting and seeing if Patrice Bergeron returns to the team as he is still an unrestricted free agent.

All in all, naming McAvoy the next Captain of the Boston Bruins would be important for the years to come and hopefully provide the Bruins with some very important guidance towards a new identity that will be integral for years to come if they hope to be competitive and bring a Stanley Cup back home to Boston for the first time since 2011.