NHL shows inconsistency with Marchand slew-foot suspension

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety was back at it again, this time, issuing a three-game suspension to Boston Bruin Brad Marchand for slew-footing.

Marchand and Oliver Ekman-Larsson got tangled up during the Bruins’ 3-2 win over the Canucks on Sunday. Now there was some movement from Marchand’s foot to the back of Ekman-Larsson’s legs. I can see why a slew-foot could be called.

However, giving Marchand three games again shows the inconsistency of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety.

This is not the first time a slew-foot has happened this season, yet this is the first three-game suspension handed out.

If Marchand gets three games suspended, why wasn’t P.K. Subban?

P.K. Subban and his dirty tactics have been a hot topic early this season. He’s had a number of incidents already this season and has even hurt two people with slew-foots. Ryan Reaves was out for a bit for the New York Rangers and Sammy Blais was shut down for the season as a result of Subban.

However, all that he’s received was fines. The first one was just $5,000, the second upped to $15,000 because he was considered a repeat offender.

How the hell can you suspend Marchand not one, but three games for a slew-foot, but not Subban? It makes zero sense.

This isn’t even the first team people have scratched their heads at Player Safety not suspending Subban, not handing out one to someone else. San Jose Sharks’ Kevin Labanc was given a one-game suspension for slew-footing earlier this season, one where the motion of the “slew-foot” was questionable as it appeared Labanc was falling down.

So again, you want to give Marchand a game? Fine. I can live with it. It’s a dangerous play that you don’t want to see in the NHL.

But how do you come up with three games? He’s not considered a repeat offender. His last suspension came in 2018, and by Player Safety’s rules, that means he is no longer considered a repeat offender since it has been .

Yet, in their explanation, they mentioned his history. So it makes it seem as though that’s why he was suspended the multiple games – which should not be the case. That’s why Player Safety put in the rule that after 18 months from a suspension, you’re not considered a repeat offender.

It’s no secret people have not been happy with the decisions coming from the Department of Player Safety. This is the cherry on top. You have a repeat offender with three incidents in one season, but you’re just going to fine him, while you have someone you don’t deem a repeat offender, and give him three games. For the same thing. Yupp, makes total sense.

Now the Bruins are without their best player this season for the next three games and Marchand forfeits $91,875. Again, a one game suspension is understandable but three is absurd.

Clean it up DoPS. Because right now, they way things change case by case, you’re not protecting anyone.