Boston Bruins: Should the “Pooh Bear” logo return?

Should the Boston Bruins bring back the famed “Pooh Bear” logo next season?

A report recently came out saying the NHL is bringing back retro jerseys for every team in the league. Adidas and the NHL are reportedly set to release the “reverse retro” jerseys in mid-November sparking speculation on what the Boston Bruins should do. Naturally, the “Pooh Bear” jersey is at the top of conversation amongst most Bruins fans and genuinely seems like a good possibility.

A couple of “reverse-retro” jerseys have apparently already leaked with the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins shouting out the 90’s and 80’s respectively with their designs. This bodes well for the possibility of some aspect of the “Pooh Bear” late 90’s design being a part of the Boston Bruins fourth jersey.

The Boston Bruins’ “Pooh Bear” logo — A universally debated topic.

The “Pooh Bear” jersey debate is one that has raged on throughout Boston Bruins and NHL circles for years now. You are either on one side or the other, there is no in between.

Some fans DESPISE and I mean have a slightly bizarre hatred of this jersey. These people consider the “Pooh Bear” jersey one of the worst of all time.  The biggest dig on this jersey people seem to find is they consider the logo cartoony or tacky.  The Bear certainly doesn’t intimidate the opponent and there is a lot going on with this uniform.

On the other side of the debate, there are fans who love this jersey and consider it to be the greatest of all time. The Bear itself is the centrepiece of the jersey and is definitely a cool look. Also, fans love the all-yellow look of this jersey, creating a completely unique look from other Boston Bruins uniforms. The Bruins shoulder patches along with the jagged edges provide just a completely new and retro look, as well.

It remains to be seen what the Bruins’ “reverse retro” jersey will be. It is hard to imagine that the Bruins will bring back the full “Pooh Bear” look as it seems teams are putting twists on old favourites.

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All us “Pooh Bear” fans can do is hope they give us an ode to one of the greatly debated jerseys of all time. This jersey is a huge part of the history of the Bruins’ organization and should be represented one way or another.  If you’re looking for players’ opinions, Matt Grzelcyk has said on the record he hopes they bring it back.