Boston Bruins: Freelance designer creates stylish concept jerseys

Boston Bruins (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)
Boston Bruins (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images) /

Habs fan and freelance graphic designer Lucas Daitchman has drawn up some amazing concept jerseys that the Boston Bruins should consider.

While it’s hard as a Boston Bruins fan to looks at a the work of a Canadiens fan and fairly critique it, Lucas’ designs definitely look stylish.

Time and again we’ve seen fans of the NHL with graphic design backgrounds releasing team logo and team jersey ideas; maybe it’s time the Boston Bruins head office look at hiring some of these guys.

Looking at Lucas’ designs for the Boston Bruins, he’s keen not to veer too far away from the status quo. Our status as a member of the Original Six mean our jersey designs are intrinsic to our identity as a team.

Perhaps it’s telling that he leaves our home and away jerseys relatively untouched. They’re as close to perfection as they’re ever going to get, especially with Zdeno Chara‘s name on the back of them!

The third jersey is where he starts to make some adjustments. He takes the colors of the 2010 Winter Classic jersey, worn at Fenway Park that year, but not the maligned curved ‘B’ logo. He pairs it with the team logo worn in the 2019 Winter Classic and the stripes from that edition that saw us victors over the Chicago Blackhawks at Notre Dame Stadium.

Rather than being seen as a marketing grab that upsets the fans, his fourth jersey would likely be well-recieved. The bear logos over the years have often divided fans, but these concept jerseys manage to balance it with a neat jersey and the least ridiculed of the historic bear logos.

Commonly called the ‘Pooh logo’ in recognigition of it’s discint likeness to children’s character, Winnie The Pooh; Lucas manages to feature it in a way that Boston Bruins fans would likely buy.

His concept utilises brown as well as the ubiqutous gold and black, offering a point of differentiation from most teams in the league, who would never consider that color palette.

The end result is a jersey that manages to be different enough from the home jersey without being too far out there as to not represent the Boston Bruins.

Guys like Lucas need to get more recognition; these may only be concept jerseys but adidas and indeed any of the teams he’s drawn up designs for would be smart to reach out to him and chat.

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Habs fan or not, he captures what exactly what makes a Boston Bruins jersey a good one!