Boston Bruins Jake DeBrusk led the B’s in 1st round

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 14: Jake DeBrusk
BOSTON, MA - APRIL 14: Jake DeBrusk /

After a wild Game 7, the Boston Bruins were finally able to finish off the Toronto Maple Leafs. One player, Jake DeBrusk especially stood out in that game and the series as a whole.

The Boston Bruins success with young players and rookies this season has been no secret. But, as many players know, there is a difference between having a good first regular-season and performing come spring time.

Jake DeBrusk stepped up in a big way for the Bruins against Toronto. In fact, I would go as far as saying he was the Bruins MVP that series.

Jake DeBrusk Led the Bruins Through First Round

While he may have been up and down throughout the regular season, his presence on the ice was largely felt by Toronto every shift. I am not even exaggerating here. Every shift. DeBrusk played with so much hustle and determination every shift throughout the series. Even if every opportunity did not turn over into a goal, he was buzzing around the ice, causing turnovers and trying to bring life into the Bruins.

He finished the series with five goals and two assists. That puts him tied with David Pastrnak with a team-leading five goals thus far. Two of those goals, of course, came in Game 7. One of them being the obvious, and beautiful, game-winner.

That was the first time a Bruins rookie scored two goals in a Game 7 since Brad Marchand in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. DeBrusk stated after the game, “I didn’t even see it go in I just heard the crowd go pretty nuts and it was a very special feeling, especially making it 5-4. At that point I knew as soon as we got the lead there, the next goal we we’re going to be fine.”

This kid is truly special. And, I say kid because he is only 21-years-old. Which means, Bruins fans are in for a treat for hopefully many more seasons.

All eyes may have been on the top line of Pastrnak, Bergeron, and Marchand going into the game, but it was young-stud Jake DeBrusk to the rescue. His energy and love for the game are truly undeniable. No matter what the stat sheet may say, his passion is so visible. So while this first-round series truly tested the whole team, it was Jake DeBrusk to the rescue.