Boston Bruins: Delay of Game Should be Challengeable

TORONTO, ON - APRIL 16: Roman Polak
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 16: Roman Polak /

The Playoffs are an intense time of year and certainly the most exciting. With that being said, with teams so evenly matched in the NHL, every decision from the officials matters.

As Bruins fans will be well aware of, the B’s dropped Game 3 in Toronto last night 3-2. It was the first goal of the night from Toronto that would infuriate an entire fanbase. The returning Riley Nash quite clearly played the puck off the glass in the Bruins’ zone and it bounced out of play. Face-off in the defensive zone right? Evidently not. Two minutes were dished out to the Bruins centre for delay of game.

This wasn’t just a incorrect decision made quickly by one official. The team of on-ice officials gathered to confer. Upon some boggling consultation they agreed that the puck left the ice from the Bruins defensive zone without touching the glass. I honestly believe that the fans situated in the standing section at the top of Air Canada Centre saw the puck ricochet off the glass.

Should coaches be allowed to challenge the call on the ice in these situations. Absolutely. Some people will rattle about how if you can challenge you should be able to challenge everything. Blah blah blah. Enforce the same two minute penalty if the challenge is unsuccessful as it is with offsides (and what the offending team would be receiving anyway). While we’re at it, I’m sure coaches would accept a double-minor for an unsuccessful challenge. Because, I’m certain Nash would’ve skated straight up to Cassidy and told him that the puck one-hundred-percent clipped the glass.

Just look at last night’s game. Two goals came from horrendous decisions in a game that the Bruins largely dominated. This isn’t bitterness in the wake of a loss. Firstly, the James van Riemsdyk goal following the Nash penalty and then the lack of an icing call that led to Auston Matthews eventual winner.

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What are your thoughts? Should coaches be able to challenge the call of delay of game?