Boston Bruins: The importance of Jake DeBrusk

BOSTON, MA - FEBRUARY 1: Jake DeBrusk /

The Boston Bruins have been cemented as cup contenders and a major reason for the hype comes down to their resilient rookies.

Jake DeBrusk has been a standout example of what a talented rookie can do in this league. Whilst huge credit goes to the Boston Bruins organization in how they developed DeBrusk, it is the player himself who decides whether he makes it or not.

The 14th overall pick of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, went back to the minors to develop his skill set before making his professional debut with the Providence Bruins last season. 49 points in 74 games is an impressive total for his first year but it wasn’t necessarily head-turning.

Making the jump to the senior club at the start of the current campaign. He’s shown that he has moulded his play into the Bruins system. Playing exceptional blue-collar hockey, I’m a massive fan of DeBrusk’s worth ethic and intensity. For that reason alone he looks like he has been in the league for a couple of years at least.

DeBrusk does a lot of the dirty work on the ice. He’s not afraid to go into the corners and more often than not escapes with the puck. A prominent feature on the Bruins second line, beside David Krejci and Ryan Spooner.

This isn’t to say that he only does dirty work. JDB has scored 29 points in 50 outings this term and is showing no signs of slowing down. A coaches dream in a lot of respects, offensive threat whilst implementing a 200ft game. It does help when you’re practicing with Patrice Bergeron.

There have been rumours that the Bruins would actively shop a prospect to strengthen for a cup run this year. In DeBrusk’s case I think it would be absolute lunacy. The Bruins have stuck by DeBrusk when it was once thought that he was a draft bust.

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Not one to shirk responsibility, JDB was taken out of the lineup this year as a healthy scratch and didn’t let it get to him. Instead he has come back hungrier and won’t allow the Bruins management to take him out willingly again.

A definite top-six forward in my eyes, constant improvement is noticeable with him. There’s not been a freak season surrounded by mass hysteria, he’s continued to graft at his game and impress. Most certainly a player who will factor into the Bruins quest for a cup this year and beyond.