Boston Bruins: Pantomime Villain Marchand Booed at ASG

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 27: Brad Marchand
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 27: Brad Marchand /

The NHL’s yearly glamour-fest has begun with the skills competition this evening. Just the one entry for the Boston Bruins at the All Star Game this year. Which frankly, is a little ridiculous given how good the Bruins have been this season.

Brad Marchand, perennial all-star surprised a few, simply by turning up this week. The elite forward with a less than elite mindset for player safety has served one game of his five-game ban.

The now two-time all-star was selected for the accuracy portion of the evening. For those who regularly follow hockey’s version of the Golden Globes, have seen the shooting accuracy event change this year.

Last year was the swann song of styrofoam.  In previous years, the shooters would have the luxury of choosing their target. Alas, no more, the NHL’s controlling mindset prevailed. The NHL now controls which targets you shoot at. Crazy right?

All Star Game
TAMPA, FL – JANUARY 27: Marc-Andre Fleury /

Well, not quite, it worked. It threw a few of the world’s best players off their game. As they stayed down searching through a pool of pucks, the target would change. This is the technological revolution. I mean, until Brock Boeser broke the the top-right lamp. A player so well known for lighting the lamp this season, even turned one off.

Brad Marchand

As the boos rained down from the nose-bleeds to the rink-side seats at Amalie Arena, Marchand took his position. Brad Marchand is no stranger to playing the pantomime villain.

Marchand didn’t have his finest hour, it was only 44.692 seconds but I’m sure it felt like an hour to him. The top-right target that Boeser decimated began eluding Marchand, whilst the fans savoured every second of it.

Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand had a jovial interview for SportsNet in Canada. With fans of the league venting their disgust at the short length of Marchand’s ban, it appears he still has support from those within it.

Brad Marchand also took part in the Goalie Save Streak challenge. Maybe it was my mind, but Marc-Andre Fleury was determined to stop Marchand. Aggressively stopping the Bruins forward.

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