Boston Bruins’ brass should stay out of trade market

BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 7: Anders Bjork
BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 7: Anders Bjork /

The Boston Bruins have won 8 of their last 10 games and continue to get healthier by the day.  B’s management should not disrupt this team’s continuity now.

The Boston Bruins are on a roll.  They’ve worked themselves into the playoff picture and are getting their players off of injured reserve.  Adam McQuaid, Ryan Spooner, and Peter Cehlarik, the three last B’s players on IR, all skated Monday.  Things are looking up for the Bruins at the moment, so no need to introduce new players.

The Bruins struggled at the start of the season.  That can mainly be attributed to the amount of injuries the team had.  Boston put six different players on IR in the first month of the season.  However, the Bruins have elevated their play as of late, and that’s because they’re getting all of their players back.

We are just now starting to see what this Boston Bruins team is capable of.  The last thing you would want to do a team on a roll is throw them off rhythm.  That is exactly what B’s management would be doing if they were to make a trade.

Boston Bruins

I understand the idea that the Bruins need an “enforcer”.  The team has plenty of young guys that need protection and Brad Marchand has been getting tossed around so far this year.  Wayne Simmonds would make for a great addition, however, the issue is timing.

We are still about two months away from the trade deadline.  We don’t know where this team will be at that time. At the moment, with the team in playoff position, you can make the assumption that the B’s should be buyers rather than sellers.  The worst thing that could happen would be to make a trade now, disrupt the roll the B’s are on, wind up out of the playoff race at deadline time, and end up becoming sellers.  Now I know that’s a bit of a far-fetched, nightmare scenario, but crazier things have happened.

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The point I’m trying to make is that there’s no rush to make a trade.  I’d like to see how Boston finishes December and then we can start thinking about adding pieces if the B’s are still looking like the team they are now.  Patience is crucial when dealing with a team that’s coming out of a rebuild.  Let’s just see how the rest of this month turns out with the current roster.