Boston Bruins: The new Sox, wait no, sorry, the new socks in town

LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 20: Comedian Russell Peters speaks onstage during the Adidas X NHL Jersey Unveiling Party on June 20, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 20: Comedian Russell Peters speaks onstage during the Adidas X NHL Jersey Unveiling Party on June 20, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images) /

As the Red Sox saw their season come to a disappointing end on Monday, another pair of socks have found themselves at the center of attention. However, these socks aren’t found on Yawkey Way. They’re found on the Boston Bruins on Causeway Street.

It really is never fun seeing a season come to an end, especially in the fashion that the Red Sox did on Monday night. There were reminders of the Boston Bruins’ Game 6 against Ottawa last year, with just too little, too late. Now, however, we turn our focus back to the Spoked-B, and in particular, their sox. Sorry, I mean socks.

In the offseason, the NHL switched sponsors from Reebok to Adidas. This brought the enticing possibility of new jerseys, and new looks for teams across the league. As far as the Bruins go, the fans saw a new font that ditched the traditional black outlines, and a cleaner look. However, the biggest difference, that had fans up in arms everywhere? The socks.

The Old

Here, you see recently activated D Torey Krug wearing the old socks, and the former Reebok jerseys. All gold, with a black stripe and white outline. Remember that.

The New (and the ugly?)

Boston Bruins
BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 5: David Pastrnak /

And there the is change. All black socks, with a white stripe and gold stripes surrounding them. To the casual fan, this really may not be such a big deal. Me? I’m a fan. It looks clean, and the way the black pants blend into the socks looks sharp, and modern.

Mike Cratty and I seem to have an agreement there. But to other diehard, passionate fans? Well…

Hard to argue facts there. Even our site expert, Chad Zimmermann, can be quoted as saying he “hates the black socks with the black jerseys.” He feels that the black jersey on black pants on black socks on black skates is too much.  But, as Bruins Mafia puts it:

People can change, apprently.

It Could Be Worse. Like, Way Worse.

When Adidas announced that they would be bringing a fresh, new look to the National Hockey League’s jerseys, fans all around were excited for the new digs. However, the changes to some teams made the Bruins sock drama look minuscule. Here’s a look at the few I think are horrendous.

The Disciples of McJesus or a can of soda?

EDMONTON, AB – OCTOBER 09: Milan Lucic
EDMONTON, AB – OCTOBER 09: Milan Lucic /

I really am sorry for using Lucic here. Trust me, I miss that man just as much as you all do. But, that’s besides the point. At least the Bruins don’t have to look like a bunch of traffic cones (I guess that makes the opposing team the workers standing around holding shovels and drinking Dunkin’.) while we take the ice. Enjoy watching McDavid blow through defenses all season looking like a can of Orange Crush.

College Ruled Paper

These uniforms are the farthest thing from Smashville. I mean, I love the hockey that this team plays, but when your jerseys look like a piece of paper from a college student studying for an exam with a yellow highlighter, it’s just not a good look. Keep your heads up though, you do have the worst arena for opposing goaltenders to play in with your ruthless chants. (Not afraid to say I spent at least an hour watching those clips yesterday. It’s all my fault, all my fault.)

PITTSBURGH, PA – OCTOBER 07: Ryan Johansen
PITTSBURGH, PA – OCTOBER 07: Ryan Johansen /

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Bruins fans…

Take it easy on these uniform changes. Hopefully, the play of this Bruins squad will make you all forget about something as petty as the sock colors. As long as they don’t put up stinkers like Monday’s 4-0 drubbing from the Avalanche, everything should turn out just fine. And, for those Sox fans all around, well, as Bob Dylan puts it: The Times, They are a Changin. Just like it was for Claude Julien last year, it just may be for Manager John Farrell too. But, this is hockey season, and we got a long road ahead of us for these Bruins.