Boston Bruins: Twitter Game of the Week Live Stream Versus Lightning


The Boston Bruins Game Tuesday Against the Tampa Bay Lightning Will Be the NHL’s Twitter Game of the Week and Will Be Live Streamed for Free

For fans of the Boston Bruins who don’t normally have access to Bruins games live, Tuesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning will be streamed live on Twitter.

The Twitter live stream partnership was announced in July with games from both Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League taking part. For now, the games will be accessible within the United States – with the MLB’s streams being sent out worldwide.

While Twitter live streams have been occurring regularly as of late, the link to sports seemed inevitable. There are fans around the United States who don’t normally get to see their team’s broadcasted and with this new partnership, they will finally get that opportunity.

Statement’s About the Partnership From July From Twitter, NHL, and MLB Representatives

“Twitter is the fastest way to see what’s unfolding in MLB and the NHL,” Twitter’s chief financial officer Anthony Noto said. “MLBAM has pioneered streaming live digital video and we could not be more excited to partner with them on live games as well as ‘The Rally’, giving our audience the live sports events they are already talking about on one screen on Twitter.”

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“Twitter has long been a great partner and platform for both baseball and hockey fans as they follow their favorite teams and players every day,” said Kenny Gersh, MLBAM’s executive vice president, business. “We know fans will embrace what this wide-ranging partnership brings – expanded and reliable access to live baseball and hockey and the introduction of Twitter’s first daily live highlight show delivered intuitively to a platform where they’re actively engaged with the games.”

“Twitter has become a crucial forum and engagement tool for hockey fans to enhance their NHL viewing experience and stay connected to the game on and off the ice,” said Stephen McArdle, NHL executive vice president of digital media and strategic planning. “We are excited that fans will now be able to enjoy live NHL games through our partnership with Twitter.”

A Good Day for Sports

This is good for fans of the NHL, as well as MLB. While not every Bruins’ game will be broadcasted through Twitter, this is still a good chance for out-of-market fans to catch the action live. This also gives fans of other teams a chance to watch the Bruins live Tuesday night.

If anything, this will help grow the game of hockey. With the live streams occurring on Twitter, fans of different teams will likely take advantage of the chance to see 29 other teams play every week on Twitter in a game they may not have had access to in the past.

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For the Boston Bruins, the focus won’t be on who’s watching Tuesday night. The focus will be on the last 30 games of the season in their quest for the postseason. Though the Lightning have struggled this season, there’s no denying the talent that the team possesses. If the Bruins want to win, they’ll need to focus all of their attention on the game at hand, and not the audience watching at home.