Jacobs Puts Pressure On Cam Neely and Don Sweeney


With the Bruins in a mid-season crisis, should Jacobs give the thumbs down to Claude? Does he even make the call?

Lets face it, Boston Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien has been on and off the hot seat for what seems like several years now. With the team’s lackluster play this season, Claude’s seat has never been hotter.

Losses to inferior teams like the New York Islanders (twice), New Jersey Devils and the Colorado Avalanche may be the difference from making the playoffs and having the season end early in the month April for a 3rd straight year.

The Jacobs family wouldn’t be very happy about missing the big dance for 3 consecutive years. So what has to happen for that to change? Does Charlie Jacobs finally have to give the thumbs down for Bruins President Cam Neely and General Manager Don Sweeney to fire coach Julien?

That’s not the case.

According to Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald, Charlie Jacobs was asked about a possible coaching change. “That’s not my call to make” Jacobs said of the situation. “That’s on Cam and Donnie.” Jacobs went on to say that hockey operations would have inform of any impending decisions on Claude and the entire coaching staff.

Here’s where you can read Buckley’s full article:

In my honest opinion, I can’t believe the front office hasn’t pulled the trigger to fire the longest active tenured coach. With Neely and Sweeney’s jobs at stake as well, I’m surprised desperation hasn’t played a factor yet.

Here’s where the problem lies. Charlie’s father, Jeremy Jacobs said on media day before the season started that he expected a deep playoff run. “I share the expectations with everybody here that we’ll be in the playoffs and I expect that we’ll go deep in the playoffs.”

Things haven’t really gone as planned at all for the owner of the Black and Gold. The team is 2nd place in the Atlantic division. However, the Bruins have played the most games in the NHL. Not to mention that Toronto and Ottawa  are tied in the standings  and chasing the B’s with both teams having 5 games at hand, separated by just 1 point.

The New England Patriots are set to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC Championship on Sunday. With a few more losses from Boston during the week, I wouldn’t be surprised that the B’s possibly sweep a coach firing under the rug.

Think about it. If not now, when? Game #78 when the Bruins are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention? By that point, Neely and Sweeney jobs will be in serious jeopardy anyways.

As a result, this week is huge for the Bruins. The team needs to accumulate points quick before it’s too late and they have to start tonight versus the lowly Detroit Red Wings.