Boston Bruins: Adam McQuaid Brings Back Old-Time Hockey


Boston Bruins defenceman Adam McQuaid found himself in a fight against Nashville Predators forward Derek Grant on Thursday night. McQuaid make quick work of the younger Grant, reminding other NHL players that he’s still ‘one tough hombre’.

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On Thursday night, Boston Bruins blueliner Adam McQuaid got involved in his third fighting major of the season. His opponent was Predators forward Derek Grant. Grant seemed more than willing to throw down against McQuaid but soon discovered he bit off far more than he could chew.

To some extent, Adam McQuaid was holding on to some frustration from what happened last month. On December 29, McQuaid found himself in a scuffle with Buffalo Sabres forward William Carrier. While the refs had restrained McQuaid’s arms, Carrier repeatedly punched McQuaid in the face. After that kind of abuse, you knew that the next time the refs didn’t step in between McQuaid and his opponent, it wasn’t going to end well for the guy who’d be fighting the Bruins defenceman. In case you forgot that fight, here it is again.

So, McQuaid was fired up and looking to knock someone’s block off. So when Derek Grant was willing to answer the bell, McQuaid engaged with exuberance and gusto.

Disclaimer: I enjoy the over-the-top way Jack Edwards calls his games. I eat it up. It’s fantastic. I do understand that he’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and some of you can’t stand him. So, out of respect for my readers who aren’t fans of Jack Edwards, I give you the fight from the perspective of the Nashville Predators.

No matter who calls it, it’s a thorough drubbing. Grant appears outclassed throughout the fight. Still, you got to respect Grant for being brave (or crazy) enough to engage one of the stronger players on the Bruins roster.

For a few moments, it was a return to old-time hockey. The refs were smart enough to see what was happening and then not do a bloody thing to stop it. While the Bruins did end up losing 2-1, they still found a piece of their old selves on the ice.