Boston Bruins: Kris Russell Contract Demands Become Clear


Boston Bruins: Kris Russell Contract Demands Become Clear as Offseason Ticks Away

When the NHL offseason began, many thought that Kris Russell would be one of the first contracts signed on July 1. Fast forward to Sept. 19 and Russell is still a free agent. While Russell was likely taking his time in deciding where he wanted to play, he very clearly missed out on a potential payday that he would have gotten had he signed sooner.

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As it stands, Russell is seemingly in discussion with the Edmonton Oilers, as FanSided’s own Sammi Silber mentioned on Oil on Whyte. What Silber also mentioned, was the fact that Russell isn’t exactly a defenseman worth top-dollar.

"“Russell struggles with overall puck possession and has a relative Corsi of -1.8. Before coming to Dallas, where he put up a -1.3, Russell had a -3.7 Rel. Corsi, and managed a Corsi percentage of under 50. He also struggles with giveaways and turnovers, and the last five teams he has played with have been outshot when he’s on the ice.” – Sammi Silber"

Those numbers don’t exactly scream improvement; something the Boston Bruins desperately crave this season. To make matters worse, the Boston Bruins were reportedly interested in Russell at the trade deadline before Dallas eventually traded to acquire him.

A Steep Price to Pay

As reported by Bob McKenzie when talking to TSN 1260, the price range for Russell isn’t cheap.

"“I think he probably would be a decent fit for the Oilers, especially on a short-term deal. That is obviously the key. It’s not an absolute given, but I won’t be surprised when Kris Russell signs a contract that he signs a one-year deal. I’m just guessing here, and it is that, a guess, I got to figure it’s probably going to be worth somewhere between $4 and 5 million a year. Now, he was a guy that in July was probably looking for at least a five-year deal at $5 million or more and that certainly is what he was looking for from the Calgary Flames before he got traded to Dallas.” – Bob McKenzie"

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If the Bruins truly want to improve their defense, it’s a good thing that they’re at least considering Russell. Not because he’s a good choice for the team, but because they’re leaving no stone unturned. Should the Bruins kick tires on a one-year contract with Russell at that price? Definitely not. Will they? That’s left to be determined.