Boston Bruins: Top 30 Draft Picks of All Time

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4. Barry Pederson – 1980 – 18th Overall

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Barry Pederson had a very illustrious career, however, his most notable moment as a Bruin might have been his trade that brought back future-president of the Boston Bruins, Cam Neely. The Vancouver Canucks traded away a budding start in Cam Neely, and the Bruins simply couldn’t resist; a decision that has paid off even decades later.

While it’s easy to look at Barry Pederson and see him solely as a trade piece, he was so much more than that. As a rookie in the 1981-82 season, Barry Pederson was sensational for the Bruins, scoring 44 goals — which happens to be the most goals scored by a Bruins rookie even to this day. In the following season, Pederson posted 107 points, and he followed that up with 116 points the next year.

Barry Pederson is one of the best goal scorers to ever play for the Boston Bruins, with four seasons of at least 20 goals, three with at least 30, and two with at least 40. Goal scorers like Pederson simply don’t grow on trees, and the Boston Bruins were fortunate to have him on their team for his entire tenure in the hub. Pederson was also known for his playmaking ability, with two 100 point seasons under his belt as a member of the Bruins.

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