Boston Bruins: Top 30 Draft Picks of All Time

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17. Joe Juneau – 1988 – 81st Overall

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Juneau was another Quebec native who played for the Boston Bruins, as well as the Montreal Canadiens in his career. Juneau joined the Bruins in the 1991-92 season, after winning the Silver medal in hockey during the 1992 Olympics in Albertville as a member of Team Canada.

Juneau spent three years in the Bruins organization, having his best year in 1992-93, playing with Adam Oates and Cam Neely. He had a 102 point season that year including 32 goals in 84 games. He ended up playing with five more NHL teams during the course of his career, and put up 572 points (156 goals) in his thirteen season career

(Contributed by Andrew Thompson of Causeway Crowd)

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