Boston Bruins: Top 30 Draft Picks of All Time

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21. PJ Axelsson – 1995 – 177th Overall

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The Swedish forward was selected with the 177th overall pick in the 1995 Entry Draft. Axelsson was one of those players who spent his entire career with the Bruins, playing from 1997-2009. One of the team’s fan-favorites for his entire tenure on the roster, Axelsson gave it his all each and every game to show that he was a legitimate player in the NHL.

Axelsson was a reliable and dependable winger for the B’s. While he was never a superstar for the Black and Gold, he was one of those players that always worked hard, and remained loyal to the Bruins organization. Following his tenure as a roster player for the Boston Bruins, Axelsson retired from professional hockey, but his time in Boston didn’t end there. As a retired man, Axelsson continued to give back to the Boston Bruins organization and went on to be a talent scout for the team.

(Contributed by Andrew Thompson of Causeway Crowd)

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