Boston Bruins: Top 30 Draft Picks of All Time

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22. Steve Heinze – 1988 – 60th Overall

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Steve Heinze was another Massachsuetts native that got to live the dream of playing for the Boston Bruins. Heinze spent three years at Boston College and played for the 1992 US Olympic team before he came on board with the Bruins. Various players have played at the university level in Boston before eventually going on to play for the Boston Bruins, and they have all experienced varying levels of success. Heinze certainly had up-and-down seasons with the Bruins, but he did finish strongly by the end of his tenure with the team.

Heinze spent nine seasons with the Black and Gold, putting up his best numbers towards the end of his time in Boston. He had 40 point seasons in both the 1997-98 and 1998-99 seasons.

(Contributed by Andrew Thompson of Causeway Crowd)

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