Boston Bruins: NBC Keeps Messing With The Winter Classic


I don’t know why NBC hates that dirty water so much. Over the last few days, it seems that the network has its heart set on doing whatever they can to antagonize the fan bases of the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.

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I’m trying to figure out why NBC is making these judgment calls. First, the network announces that they will have the winner of “The Voice” to perform the national anthems of the United States and Canada. Rather having singers who have done the job for decades, a television network would rather have someone come and add their own ‘artistic flair’ to ‘O, Canada!’ and the ‘Star Spangled Banner’.  It should turn out to be an interesting disaster as the performer will likely be booed at by the entire stadium.

It does an incredible disservice to Ginette Reno and Rene Rancourt. Thanks to a petition circulating around the internet (which I signed), NBC has ‘graciously’ allowed Rene Rancourt to sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at the Bruins-Canadiens alumni game. Well, that’s really big of them.

Now, NBC has decided to nix Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s plan to host a public viewing of the NHL Winter Classic in Copley Square.  The network forced the mayor’s office to cancel the viewing over broadcast rights.  The once ‘done deal’ between the city and the league were cancelled, and the best response any of us could get was a joint statement released by the NHL and NBC.

“Public viewing gatherings for nationally televised regular-season games are not permissible under NHL media-rights policies.”

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  • It’s not like hockey fans need another reason to hate Commissioner Gary Bettman. But hey, if Bettman is going to serve up another reason to hate him, who are we to intervene. It’s bad enough that Patrice Bergeron is going to be harassed by Pierre McGuire throughout the game. Now, Boston fans (and incoming Canadiens fans as well) can’t be outside to celebrate the game like everyone else.

    According to the Boston Globe, TD Garden officials notified Boston City hall yesterday that the network wouldn’t give Boston the broadcast license needed to make the event possible.  Mayor Walsh seemed to be moving forward with all the plans, and now they’ll have to all be taken down and scrapped on no notice.

    The mayor’s office hasn’t given up all hope just yet. Spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office Laura Oggeri said that the city was still hopeful that they could come to terms before January 1.  “Boston is always looking for new ways to bring people together to root for our favorite teams,” offered Oggeri. “And we continue to hope for the opportunity to do so on New Year’s Day.”