Boston Bruins Weekly Predictions: Christmas Special


As the holiday season commences on a high note for the Boston Bruins, the team will be challenged once more by one of the best teams in the league, along with two division rivals. Sustaining confidence and accountability has been preached to the point of monotony in the Bruins dressing room, but only because it rings true every time. The Boston players have most certainly improved on not getting too high and taking things for granted and have also seemed to have ceased getting too low on themselves when a game, period, or even shift, does not go their way.

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This focused group has become more of what Bruins fans have expected throughout the era of Claude Julien, Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron. Although the season, overall, has gone very well, the year is still young and this week proves that there is plenty of work left to be done.

Bruins v Blues

On the last day before players, coaches and all other members of the Boston Bruins go home to be with their loved ones, there is one final challenge ahead of them. The St. Louis Blues are arguably one of the best teams in the NHL. They have had an impressive year so far and will be a tough opponent, even for a Bruins team that has looked equally dominant.

Tuukka Rask will have to be sharp along with every single line that steps onto the ice. This is a deep Blues team with many players capable of putting together big plays. The Bruins will need to match St. Louis in all aspects of the game and capitalize on any opportunities they receive. As much as I would love to see the Bruins celebrate Christmas with a final win under their belts, I don’t see it happening. St. Louis is a tough team and, although I believe this will be a close game, I am giving the Blues the overtime win, with a final score of 3 to 2.

Bruins v Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres have had a better year than most people would have expected. They are by no means an NHL ready team or pose any sort of playoff threat, but they are good enough to steal a win or two from anyone that is not fully prepared to face them. The Boston Bruins need to look back at their two losses to the Edmonton Oilers as a reminder of how close this league is in competition. Any team can beat any team and it would not surprise me if Buffalo came close to doing so in this game.

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  • Having said that, all teams will be well rested after a couple of days off, and a well rested Bruins is much better than a well rested Sabres team. Boston will treat this game like any other Atlantic Division game and take it to Buffalo, beating them 4 to 2. Jonas Gustavsson will start in net so that Tuukka Rask can take care of the Ottawa Senators the day after.

    Bruins v Senators

    Last season, it was the magical run of the Ottawa Senators that cemented the Boston Bruins exclusion from the playoffs. This season, the Senators look like an even better team that will not need any miraculous winning streak to remain in contention. They have been scoring and winning on a consistent enough basis for all teams and fans alike to acknowledge them as a playoff team.

    In their first meeting with Ottawa this season, the Boston Bruins need to distance themselves from their Atlantic Division rival. The Bruins and Senators play again, two days after this game, so it should be very interesting to see how the matchup plays out. Yes, the Bruins will be playing Ottawa right after their game against Buffalo, but since they had a nice Christmas break, I don’t expect them to be too exhausted.

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    Much like their game against the St. Louis Blues, Boston will need every line on their team to be better than every line on Ottawa’s team. The Senators have great depth, youth, speed and skill and could really take it to the Bruins if they are given any form of momentum. Tuukka Rask and the Bruins defense will need to frustrate the Senators offense which could lead to some costly turnovers. I think the Bruins will win this game, but something tells me the Senators will leave the game with a point as well, so I will say 3 to 2 final, in a shootout.

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    With the Winter Classic fast approaching, the Boston Bruins will be looking to keep their current swagger going. Any win from now on will give the Bruins even more motivation going into the new year. 2015 was a disappointing year for the Bruins considering what was expected of them in the spring. Fortunately, the year has ended with much optimism and will hopefully build into something that can last the new year’s upcoming spring.

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