Boston Bruins: Shawn Thornton Still Making An Impact In Boston


Shawn Thornton has been a presence in the National Hockey League for thirteen seasons.  Of those thirteen years, he spent seven of them playing for the Black and Gold. In Thornton’s NHL career, he has won the Stanley Cup twice, one of them as part of the Bruins 2011 Cup team.

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Thornton was known for his particular handling of other players, sometimes with his skills, sometimes with his words, but usually with his fists. Thornton was the team leader for fighting majors in Boston nearly every year he was on the ice for Boston. He played honest, blue-collar hockey that endeared him to the Boston fan base.

As a member of the media, it was always a treat to see him in front of the microphone. Thornton would never pull punches with us. He said what was on his mind, being direct and truthful whenever asked a question. Not bad for a ‘Canadian with a green card.’

The Boston Bruins and Shawn Thornton parted waves two season ago. The Bruins were looking for a change to their fourth line, and they chose not to renew the veteran’s contract. For that last two seasons, Thornton has still called Boston home, even if he rented out his Charlestown house to Kevan Miller.

Even though, the Boston Bruins defeated the Florida Panthers 3-1, Thornton once again showed his love for his adopted city by making a special presentation after the game.

Number 22 once again had an interesting game for the Panthers. He ended up with four penalty minutes, two shots on goal, and eleven shifts spread out over 7:27 of ice time. He gave a solid heat shot Jimmy Hayes early in the game, and ended up sparring with Zac Rinaldo later in the game. In a way, Thornton finally made good on a promise when Rinaldo was part of the Flyers.

Thornton and Rinaldo have a one-sided discussion at the 5:35 mark. Oh the irony, Thorty. The irony.

“Thorts is a tough guy, and I’m not surprised,” said Rinaldo of Thornton’s play. “I mean, I’d probably do the same thing if I was in his situation. They were down 2-0 at the time, they needed something, and he stepped up to the plate. I’d do the same thing.”

Thornton donated $100,000 to the American Parkinson Disease Association today. It’s an incredible donation from a player who only plays her a few times a year now. It just shows the soul of the man. He’s put roots in Massachusetts, and is still making a big difference in the lives of people struggling with the ravages of Parkinson’s.

This may be Thornton’s last year in the league. If so, then this was the last NHL game Thornton will play in the TD Garden. While some fans may be unhappy with his hit on Hayes, they can still rejoice on Thornton’s career and what he has done for the city of Boston.

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