Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

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#13 – Bill Cowley – 190 Goals – 508 Games Played – 0.37 Goals Per Game

Bill Cowley was considered the Wayne Gretzky of his day, which is an honor that should never be taken lightly. Cowley was known more for his playmaking ability than anything, but his 190 goals and 0.37 goals per game average show that he was more than a one-trick pony. Cowley earned all star honors for the first time in 1938, led the league in playoff scoring in 1939 to help the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, and he was named the MVP of the league as a result of winning the scoring title in 1941 en route to another Stanley Cup victory with the Bruins.

Pro-rating his 508 games played as a member of the Boston Bruins into 82 game seasons would give Cowley an average of roughly 31 goals per season as a member of the Boston Bruins.

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