Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

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#17 – Brad Marchand – 129 Goals – 401 Games Played – 0.32 Goals Per Game

Brad Marchand is widely considered one of the biggest pests in the NHL, but he’s also one of the most underrated scorers in the league as well. With four 20 goal seasons in as many full years, and an 18 goal season in the lock-out shortened season, Brad Marchand has shown that he has a knack for finding the back of the net. He is often the team’s leading goal scorer, with this year being no exception through the first 26 games as he currently has 13 goals on the season.

Brad Marchand Could be one of the most consistent goal scorers in Boston Bruins history if he remains with the team after his contract is up for renewal. With the amount of positives that Brad Marchand brings to his team every single night, it seems unlikely that the team will let play elsewhere. Goal scoring is a very valuable trait among players, and while Brad Marchand does more than simply score goals, the Bruins simply cannot allow a player with the goal-scoring prowess that Brad Marchand possesses get away.

Pro-rating his 401 games played as a member of the Boston Bruins into 82 game seasons would give Marchand an average of roughly 26 goals per season as a member of the Boston Bruins.

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