Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

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#5 – Ray Bourque – 395 Goals – 1518 Games Played – 0.26 Goals Per Game

Ray Bourque is the only player to score under 0.30 goals per game on this list, but he’s also a player that couldn’t be left outside of the top five due to his 395 goals as a member of the Boston Bruins. As a defenseman, Ray Bourque leads the NHL in goals by a defenseman, points by a defenseman – two categories that he also leads the Bruins franchise in. Ray Bourque played for over 20 seasons with the Boston Bruins, and although he finished his career elsewhere, he’ll forever be a Boston Bruin in the eyes of hockey fans everywhere.

Pro-rating his 1518 games played into 82 game seasons would give Bourque an average of roughly 21 goals per season as a member of the Boston Bruins.

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