Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

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Boston Bruins: Top 20 Goal Scorers in Franchise History

The Boston Bruins have had some incredibly talented players lace up a pair of skates and play for its franchise over the last 91 years. Some of the best goal scorers in history once dawned the spoked B on their chest and played some of the most meaningful hockey in the world. This list serves to honor the top 20 goal scorers to ever play for the Boston Bruins.

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While it would be easy to include players like Jaromir Jagr or Paul Coffey to this list due to the fact that they both played for the Bruins for shorts stints, this list will only count statistics measured for a player while they were a member of the Boston Bruins. The criteria for being eligible for the list is simply that a player must have a minimum of 200 games played for the Boston Bruins in their career. There are undoubtedly going to be players missed, and players in positions that aren’t agreed with by everyone, but that’s the fun of an article such as this one. While the list is subjective in nature, it will be hard to argue that any player found on this list isn’t deserving of a spot on the list.

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