Boston Bruins: Brandon Prust Fined For Spearing Brad Marchand


A few hours ago, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety decided to fine Vancouver Canucks forward Brandon Prust for his spearing hit to Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand. Prust avoided a possible suspension and was fined $5,000 for the hit.

The Bruins were up 4-0 with less than two minutes to play in regulation. As Marchand skated by Prust, the Canuck forward (and former Montreal Canadien) chose to drive his stick into the groin of Marchand, sending him sprawling to the ice. Prust was given a ten minute misconduct and ejected from the game. (When Sportsnet calls it “uncalled for and very intentional” you know it’s inappropriate.)

How did Prust comment on his fine? He claimed that it was “best money I’ve ever spent.” Now, that’s a classy statement.

“I kind of thought that this is what would happen, so … I mean it wasn’t that hard, and he sold it pretty good,” offered a joking Prust. “I saw him laughing on the bench after, so I don’t think he’s too hurt.” It’s nice to see a player who has had a few run-ins with Player Safety get away with an attempt to injure another player.

Prust also admitted that there was no pretext or justification to the hit before he struck Marchand.

“Just frustration,” said Prust in the interview. “It happens out there. You know, I wasn’t really trying to injure him … the puck was coming back up the boards, so when I swing by I got my stick active.”

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Marchand did make light of the hit after the game. “I didn’t really see who did it when it happened, but just kind of gave me a jab, got me in the fun spot,” said the Bruins forward. Marchand finished with a goal, a +3 and was awarded Second Star of the Game honors. It was Marchand’s 400th career NHL game.

On the flip side, Brandon Prust didn’t really do much for Vancouver. During his 12:01 of ice time, Prust registered two hits, no shots on goal, and a whopping nine seconds on the Canucks power play unit. While he’s certainly no John Scott, he’s not exactly Patrice Bergeron.

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  • I’m sure it brought back plenty of terrible memories for the Vancouver Canucks and their fan base. Losing 4-0 at home to the Bruins…again. On behalf of all the Bruins fans who are tired of being called racists by your fan base, a big stick tap to the Canucks fans for not trying to burn their city down after the game…again. Also, a big ‘well done’ for not taking out your frustration by desecrating any local house of worship either.

    That being said, things are looking pretty grim over in Rogers Arena. Vancouver has now lost five straight games and have only been able to string together a trio of wins in their last 16 starts.

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