Boston Bruins: Top 10 Draft Picks From The Last 20 Years

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

#8. Sergei Samsonov – 1997

There aren’t many Russians in the recent history of the Boston Bruins, but Sergei Samsonov was one of the better players on the roster during his tenure with the Bruins. In 514 games as a member of the Boston Bruins, Samsonov put up an impressive 376 points as well as four 20 goal seasons including two consecutive seasons with 29 goals. Samsonov finished his NHL career with 571 points in 888 career NHL games.

It’s hard to compete with a name like Joe Thornton, who was drafted just seven positions before Samsonov with the first overall pick in 1997, but Samsonov was no slouch as a member of the Black and Gold.

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