Boston Bruins: Top 30 Players In Bruins History

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#10 Cam Neely

(From Causeway Crowd’s Brandon Share-Cohen)

The Boston Bruins have always been known for their hard-hitting style of play, and one man who truly exemplified this was Cam Neely. Before becoming the team’s president in 2010, Neely was known as a fan-favorite who is definitely in the discussion for  being one of the best power-forwards of all time. Having scored 50 goals three times in his career with Boston, Neely was more than just a brusier. Neely also ranks fifth in goals in franchise history with 344. Neely  appeared in two Stanley Cup finals as a player, but unfortunately came out on the losing end of both, but was able to hoist the cup following the 2011 season as the team President.

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