Boston Bruins: Top 30 Players In Bruins History

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#13 Zdeno Chara

(From Causeway Crowd’s Brandon Share-Cohen)

Zdeno Chara joined the Boston Bruins in 2006, and it was clear that the team was getting something special. Chara was named captain upon signing, and close to a decade later, the decision still looks pretty good. Standing at 6-foot-9, Chara is impossible to miss on the ice. His skill-set has allowed the Bruins to be competitive in just about every season that he’s been in Boston, ranging from his stellar defensive ability to his booming (and record-holding) 108.8 Miles Per Hour slap shot. Zdeno Chara has participated in six all-star games, five of which during his tenure with the Bruins, including 2012 when he was a captain of one of the two teams.

A Norris Trophy winner in 2009, and finalist in 2011, 2012, and 2014, Chara has been consistently acknowledged as one of the leagues best. Zdeno Chara helped the Bruins win the Stanley Cup in 2011.

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