Boston Bruins: Top 30 Players In Bruins History

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#17 Patrice Bergeron

(From Causeway Crowd’s Joe Kelly)

 Patrice Bergeron is to the Bruins what Tom Brady is to the Patriots. Bergeron has not reached the celebrity status in Boston that Brady has reached, no matter how well deserved it would be, but is undoubtedly a fan favorite in Boston

Bergeron was drafted 45th overall in the 2003 NHL Draft and immediately saw ice time in the NHL and aside from one season stuck in the minors, Bergy has played a key role in the Bruins locker room. With nearly 600 career points in 12 career seasons (although two were significantly short thanks to injuries.) Bergeron has led the Bruins by example, and that’s why we love him. On and off the ice Bergeron leads the way by example. Clutch playoff performance after clutch playoff performance has Bergeron mentioned in David Ortiz category in terms of carrying their teams in the postseason. Bergeron’s off-ice leadership is almost more impressive than his on-ice role. Bergeron hosts children at every Bruins home game as a part of his charity “Patrice’s Pals” and is a major player in the charity events hosted by the Bruins each year.

Bergy’s humbleness and leadership in addition to his elite skill level is why he will always have a special place in the hearts of Bruins fans.

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