Boston Bruins: Could Brad Marchand Face Supplementary Discipline


The Boston Bruins came out firing on all cylinders in the first ten minutes of the first period in last night’s game against the Colorado Avalanche. After that, the Bruins seemed to lose the polish on their shine. The Avalanche came back with a desire to win that the B’s just couldn’t match. In the end, the Black and Gold got snowed in at home (once again) by the Avalanche in a 3-2 regulation loss.

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Things got a little scary for the Black and Gold early in the second period. Colorado captain Gabriel Landeskog made contact on Brad Marchand. While the action appeared to be shoulder on shoulder, the height difference between the two players caused a lot of that impact to hit the head of the shorter Marchand. Marchand spun down to the ice and the TD Garden crowd winced as if they themselves had been struck. After a few moments Marchand got back to his feet.

After that, the penalties began to fly. Landeskog was given a match penalty for his hit on Marchand, and was tossed from the game. Marchand wasn’t having any of that though.

Once Marchand had decided he was more or less okay, Boston’s Little Ball of Hate fired a right cross into Landeskog’s face, earning himself two minutes in the box for roughing.  Marchand was in the box checking his face to see if he was bleeding while he sat out the penalty.  After the game, he explained what was going through his mind during that shift.

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  • “Any time you get hit in the head, you know, you’re a little concerned…especially when I got a concussion a couple weeks back, so I was definitely nervous. But I think I’m okay,” said Marchand. “Things happen quickly. I know that I’ve been there. I’m sure [Landeskog] didn’t mean it. I don’t think he’s a dirty player so, you know…it’s hockey. It is what it is.”

    Now both Landeskog and Marchand could be facing supplemental discipline from the league. Joe Haggerty from Comcast New England reported that Landeskog hit will be looked at for possible head contact. Haggerty also claims that Marchand could face discipline for his shot to Landeskog’s head.

    While the Department of Player Safety will certainly take a look at the Avalanche’s captain for his strike, it seems highly unlikely that Marchand could receive supplementary discipline outside the minor penalty. Marchand’s punch wasn’t that hard, nor was it serious to warrant anything more than the two minutes he received from the refs. But Marchand has a past. So if he’s fined by the league, there shouldn’t be many people shocked.