Will A Team Have A Draft Surprise For The Boston Bruins?


In less than two weeks, the Boston Bruins will be making their selections in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. They know they’ve got to pick a few players that could be ready to play this season or the next one. They’ve got to take a look at their situation, and hopefully not repeat the last GM’s mistakes by going all in on any particular player.

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2 trades the Boston Bruins must make to secure the Stanley Cup
2 trades the Boston Bruins must make to secure the Stanley Cup /

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  • The Bruins also need to be sure they don’t get blindsided this year at the Draft. There are a few teams out there that could trip up the Black and Gold. They’ll have more cap space, be able to offer an enticing contract, or maybe make the right push to cause a little havoc on Causeway Streeet. There’s one team that has the power, the ability, and the inside knowledge to throw the Bruins for the loop this year.

    The Edmonton Oilers.

    The Oilers have a plethora of young talent they could parade in front of Don Sweeney. While the Oilers have a lot of great individual players, they’re just not coming together as a team. Edmonton could start parceling them out, and the Bruins could give up picks or even players to get their hands on that kind of talent.

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    The Oilers also have a new ace up their sleeve. It used to belong to the Bruins, and that’s Edmonton’s new general manager Peter Chiarelli. If anyone in the NHL knows the Bruins strengths and weaknesses, it’s him. (Mostly because he created those strengths and weaknesses.) Chiarelli knows our cap trouble, knows what players wouldn’t mind moving, and which ones could be tempted away with a big enough contract (or offer sheet).

    Our friends over at Oil On Whyte see Chiarelli playing spoiler for the Bruins as well (especially if Chiarelli is a little upset for being dumped at the end of last season.)

    The Oilers will not give up their first round pick. Taking this is as a given, they may be amenable to trade their second or third round picks. There will still be plenty of talent available, and the Bruins seem to do better with their second round picks. The Oilers and the Bruins might find an accommodation that won’t lead to an Andrew Ference / Milan Lucic fight on the ice.

    We’ll see what happens as the Draft closes in.

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