Relax, Milan Lucic Isn’t Leaving The Boston Bruins


Over the last two weeks, there has been a lot of speculation over who the Boston Bruins would be willing to move in order to get their team back on the playoff track.  A lot of that discussion has been centered around the Bruins’ top-line forward, Milan Lucic. Some people believe that it’s time to move the 27-year old winger while his trade value is still good.

The odds of the Boston Bruins moving the Serbian Slugger are slim to none, and here are the biggest reasons why he’ll still be in the Black and Gold come October.

The Bruins aren’t ready to move their best power forward.  Lucic is one big body for the B’s, coming in at 6’3″ and 230 lbs.While Lucic has had two below average seasons, he was getting back into the form at the end of last season. In fact, Lucic was playing some of his best hockey of the year when he was paired with Czech wunderkind David Pastrnak and Ryan Spooner.

Lucic still possesses one of the more formidable reputations in the National Hockey League (Both good and bad).

The Bruins know that Lucic’s bad season last year was not entirely of his own making.  The Boston Bruins went into last season with no good replacement for Jarome Iginla. The B’s were also not expecting the repeated injuries of their top line center David Krejci.  Lucic’s Corsi scores plummeted without any solid people to play with for most of the season.

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  • Without Krejci, the numbers dropped for practically every player on the team (Patrice Bergeron was the notable exception, but we can discuss his perfection at a later date.).

    Lucic will be playing for his contract. If Lucic would like to see a contract offer that resembles the one he currently has, he’s going to have to go into overdrive. He has the ability, and he’ll certainly be motivated to knock a few teeth out. He’ll be singing for his supper, and he’ll order a double order of chili con carnage, with extra sauce.

    There aren’t that many teams seriously looking at Lucic. The two biggest contenders (that have an honest shot of getting him) are the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. Our friends over at Flame For Thought discuss while the Lucic trade doesn’t make sense. As for Vancouver, there’s a lot of bad blood now between the Lucic clan and some of the Canucks’ fan base. Some of ‘those’ fans desecrated the church they attend, and even attempted to fight Lucic the last time he was in town.

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    Lucic doesn’t come across as the forgiving sort. With the recent passing of his father, it would be nonsensical (and possibly suicidal) for a Canucks fan to attempt that sort of hooliganism with him.  His hometown has lost its luster, and he wouldn’t go back there even if they through a wall of cash at him.

    Lucic wants an ‘A’ on his jersey. He wants that ‘A’ on a Bruins jersey. When Shawn Thornton left town (Thanks again Peter Chiarelli), Milan Lucic kept up a dialogue with the ex-Bruins enforcer. Lucic wants to become a leader in the locker room . With Zdeno Chara likely gone after his current contract (as well as Chris Kelly), there will be some letters available in Boston. While it’s a given that Bergeron will get the ‘C’, there will be one or two alternate captain positions available. Looch the Gooch is turning into Lucic the leader, and he’ll want that letter on his sweater.

    There is also that no-trade clause that Lucic has in his current contract. Lucic likes Boston, and he’ll likely take some form of ‘hometown discount’ to remain playing at the TD Garden. So relax Bruins Nation, Milan Lucic won’t be leaving Boston any time soon .

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