Could the Boston Bruins be waiting on Jeff Gorton?


It’s been a month since the Boston Bruins let general manager Peter Chiarelli go. The Bruins organization said that they were going to go through a thorough examination to find the best possible candidate possible. Thirty days later, it seems the Bruins are down to two final choices. Unfortunately, one of their choices is unapproachable at the moment.

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2 trades the Boston Bruins must make to secure the Stanley Cup
2 trades the Boston Bruins must make to secure the Stanley Cup /

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  • The Bruins appear to be stuck in limbo. If Don Sweeney was going to get the job, the Bruins should have promoted him by now. So, what is the holdup with the announcement.

    The B’s are still trying to get a hold of Jeff Gorton. Gorton, once a temporary GM for the Bruins is currently the number two guy in the New York Rangers front office. But the Rangers have been loathe to let Gorton talk to the Black and Gold while the Rangers are still in the post-season, according to the New York Post.

    “I haven’t given permission to anybody to speak to anyone and I won’t as long as we’re playing,” said current Rangers GM Glen Sather to the Post as the Blueshirts were in the middle of their second round matchup with the Washington Capitals.  “And there’s a question whether I would, anyway, after it’s over.”

    The Rangers could be trying to hold on to Gorton. They see him as the future of their organization, and Gorton still has one year on his contract.  But Gorton has a history with the Black and Gold, and that might be a strong enough force to get him out of Madison Square Garden.

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    Gorton was behind some of the more notable trades for the Bruins during his limited tenure as GM.  He was behind the Andrew Raycroft trade to the Maple Leafs for Tuukka Rask. He also signed free agents Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard, and was responsible for drafting Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, and Phil Kessel(who turned out to be Tyler Seguin).

    So, we know he’s experienced. He set up the foundation that led to the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Championship. He may be the person the Bruins have been looking for. He’s taken that track record of success with him to the New York Rangers.

    Now, all the Rangers need to do is get knocked out by the Tampa Bay Lightning or win it all so the Bruins can have their sit down and solve their GM problem once and for all.

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