Boston Bruins News: The Changes Begin At the TD Garden


We all knew there were changes coming. Charlie Jacobs told the media in a half-statement/half-threat in January, that if the Boston Bruins didn’t make the playoffs it would have been considered a total failure. The Bruins didn’t make the playoffs, and now the hammer is falling at the TD Garden.

Well, we knew this was coming. You can’t have much confidence in two players that are guarding the popcorn machine on the ninth level. Campbell and Paille’s departure frees up $2.9 million dollars in cap space for a team struggling in cap hell, and there are likely more people who will be given the chop.

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The Merlot has finally soured in Boston. While 2015 was the final vintage for that famous line, a bottle of the 2011 will always be available at my table. Godspeed Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille.

After that admission, one could be led to believe that Claude Julien was on the chopping block. Apparently not. From what I can see what’s going around Boston, both Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli will be holding on to their jobs. Some of Boston’s fans (and many in the media) thought Claude Julien’s number was up. Many in Boston saw that this failure would come down on Chiarelli. Quite a few people wanted them both to be gone.

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  • For the moment, it appears that the Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli eras are not quite done in Boston. Although they may have burned some of that credit they earned for the 2011 Stanley Cup win.

    If they’re both handling the press conference, it means that Charlie Jacobs and Cam Neely are willing to call this season a one-off. This will mean that Claude Julien will have to make some changes to his system. He’s going to have to adapt to the way the NHL plays now, and that means players that were once anathema to the Julien system (Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin), will now be desired. If Julien can adapt and persevere, he’ll be with the organization for as long as he wants to be here.

    If Julien can’t he’ll be the first person to go next season.

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