Boston Bruins: Trading Marchand To Protect Chara?


May 14, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara (33) gets knocked down in the crease behind Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price (31) during the second period of Montreal

As Peter Chiarelli sat in front of reporters after the Boston Bruins second round playoff loss to the Montreal Canadiens. he expressed a variety of feelings and opinions on what had just taken place and what Bruins fans can potentially expect moving forward.

Something that stood out from the Chiarelli press conference was an admission of regret claiming maybe he hadn’t done enough at the trade deadline. However, the Bruins were definitely active in pursing what was a rumored deal with the Vancouver Canucks for defenseman Alexander Edler. Unfortunately certain dominoes didn’t fall and the Bruins were unable to make a deal happen with Vancouver.

Now, with the recent reports of Brad Marchand being placed on the trading block, one must wonder what the Bruins are aiming to receive in return. There is a strong case that the Bruins need to attempt to bring in a top-six forward after seeing their top performers such as Marchand and David Krejci put up pitiful numbers in the playoffs.

There are already report coming out that Bruins could be receiving interest from the Winnipeg Jets to make a deal; but Marchand has not officially been named the target in the deal. It’s no secret the relationship between Evander Kane and the Jets is a tumultuous one at best. Perhaps, the Bruins could put together a package to lure the 22 year old away, but it would probably take a significant amount.

Personally, I feel the Bruins could end up pulling the trigger on a Marchand deal in the hopes of bringing home another puck-moving defenseman that has more polish than some of the younger options laying in wake. There’s also a reason to make this deal due to the harsh reality that Bruins fans were forced to witness; Zdeno Chara is not getting any younger and it has started to show the last 2 postseasons.

We still have another four years to go with Chara before he becomes a free agent at which he will be at the age of 41. Now, granted even with Dennis Seidenberg out, Chara’s minutes over the posteason ended up being the lowest they have been in five years. Even with Seidenberg coming back to begin the season in October, would it be prudent of the Bruins to invest in a stellar upgrade at defense through dangling Marchand.

Perhaps, Chiarelli was providing us with a prelude to what was to come in the summer when he insisted on a potential move for Edler. The Bruins have amassed a wealth of talent over the last few years at defense; however the piece that started the Bruins rebuild back in 2006-07 still has plenty to give; the question is how much do the Bruins want to push this during the regular season.

Chara’s goal scoring went up and assisted in pacing the Bruins to the Presidents Trophy, but the trophy everyone truly wanted wasn’t there in the end and management of Chara’s injury was part of the problem. An offensive player would be great, but let’s not forget what this team is predicated on.