Shawn Thornton Fined for Water Spraying P.K. Subban (VIDEO)


Shawn Thornton Nailed for Conduct

In last night’s competition that saw the Bruins win 4-2  over the Montreal Canadiens, player interaction resulted in a heavy fine upon Bruins forward Shawn Thornton.

Supposedly, as P.K. Subban skated by Boston’s bench in the third period, Shawn Thornton aimed a water bottle at the Habs’ defenseman and squirted water towards him. Subban was furious and immediately went to the referee looking for sympathy. Cameras caught Thornton in the act, and showed him break a smile following the occasion.

Here’s the footage.

“I don’t know if it was part of the game. But I’m sure if it was me that did it, it would be a different story. Probably be on the news for the next three days. I don’t expect it to be a story. Whatever it takes to win,” Subban told media after the game.

The NHL fined Shawn Thornton $2820.52, the maximum penalty the league can inflict for an unsportsmanlike conduct isssue.