Boston Bruins Trades: Bruins Worst Enemy Acquires A Dangerous Thomas Vanek.


The Boston Bruins engaged in a very conservative trade time. Just before the deadline, the Boston Bruins acquired just two defenseman, Corey Potter and Andrej Meszaros. While the fan base was a little disheartened by the lack of enthusiasm over the acquisitions, it was what the Bruins needed. Reliable players with big bodies who would help the Bruins get over their short term problems on the blue line.

The Montreal Canadiens on the other hand, went a completely different route. The Canadiens got themselves a rather amazing trade with the New York Islanders. They picked up the Bruins worst nightmare, Thomas Vanek.  Vanek is one of those players that is capable, solid on the power play (which will only get better with him in Montreal), and seems to have some sort of evil radar when it comes to taking on the Black and Gold. So far this season, Vanek has a goal and four assists in the four games he’s faced the Bruins. While those stats are disheartening, he was even more dominant last year. Vanek put up four goals and three assists in the four games against Boston.  Add the five points(two goals) in five games two years ago, and seven points(four goals) back in the Bruins championship run in 2010-11.

Kindly put, no matter what team Thomas Vanek is on, he finds away to make Boston goaltenders and defensemen suffer. He just has a sixth sense against the Black and Gold. The only positive thing I can offer about this trade is that it’s good to see Thomas Vanek go from a complete disaster of a team to a team that could earn him a shot at a deep playoff run.

The Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens respect each other as professional hockey teams. That’s about the only thing you will get them to agree on. The rivalry colors the fan base, and it’s the most pervasive one in all of NHL hockey. This year, the Bruins have lost both outings against Montreal, and with their next bout a week away in Montreal, the tension will be high as it usually is.  Adding Vanek’s firepower to the Canadiens will force the Bruins to really step up their game as they try to slay the dragon in his lair next Wednesday.