Zdeno Chara Said Sochi ‘Felt Kind of Like a Resort’


Zdeno Chara (33) battles Russia’s Evegeni Malkin (11) in the men’s ice hockey preliminary round at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Chara, Sochi and Bruins Upcoming Games

Zdeno Chara and five other Boston Bruins spent time playing for their country in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Upon the opening of the Olympics, people began to murmur that the accommodations were terrible: the water was undrinkable, the beds were too small. However, after coming back from the games, Chara made it clear that Sochi was very welcoming right off the bat.

"“Everything was really, really good and really made it so easy to get around and feel really comfortable right away. It didn’t feel at all like you were somewhere in Russia. It honestly felt kind of like a resort, that everything was just so close and convenient for you. (WEEI.com)”"

Chara saying that he was accommodated as comfortably as a resort in Sochi seems a bit odd considering the status of his sleeping bed in Asia. It’s pretty obvious that he’s not looking to complain about sleeping arrangements. He’s a hockey player. Getting smoked in the face with a puck is customary. Getting you face cut and smashed during an in-game fight happens all of the time.

In the end, Chara wasn’t really affected by anything in Russia. He was probably the best player on the ice for his home country Slovakia. “Zee” had one assist and nine shots on goal but also notched a -1 rating which is uncharacteristic of the 6’9” animal. Without Chara, the Slovakians would have felt the wrath of first-rate offensive teams even more than usual.

Chara and David Krejci actually had their first practice back from the Olympics this afternoon. Krejci said that he definitely needs readjust to the pace of NHL play. Both players come back to America ready to lead the Bruins into the playoffs. Upcoming games for the B’s include contests against the Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals on Wednesday and Saturday respectively.